Our Packages

“Experience the true nature of your vehicle for the first time”


* Price depends on size and condition of vehicle.

Package 1


The best maintenance wash for your ceramic coating.

Safe 3 bucket wash method + snow foam, cleansing all exterior surfaces including wheels and inner barrels

  • Hand and air assisted drying with microfibre towels and blown air
  • Application of Gtechniq Liquid Crystal Sio2 coating booster
  • Glass cleaned
  • Wheels dressed in a high quality non silicone dressing
  • Final Inspection


 From $90

Package 2


The perfect Mini Detail.

The Refresh Package is our entry level detail. A thorough mini service is a great way to have an express clean and maintenance of your vehicle but having the piece of mind that it is being done professionally. We use nothing but professional grade machines and products to carry out work on your vehicle.

Your exterior being safely washed and dried along with the paint work, glass and plastics being sealed and treated. Wheel faces and inner barrels cleaned, and tires dressed.

Your interior receives a thorough vacuum, mats removed cleaned, seats rolled back and forth ensuring all areas are covered. Door cards & jams, dashboard, centre console and seats receive an express clean and wipe down. Windows are cleaned inside and out. Mats are placed back inside and a freshener is applied.

  • Safe 3 bucket wash method + snow foam, cleansing all exterior surfaces including wheels and inner barrels
  • Hand and air assisted drying with microfibre towels and blown air
  • Clay treatment to remove bonded contaminants
  • Spray Wax
  • Plastics treated and dressed along with tyres
  • Interior blown out and vacuumed
  • Interior surfaces wiped down and mats cleansed
  • Glass inside and out cleansed
  • Final Inspection

From $150*

Package 3


Our Full Interior Detail.

We make sure that every surface in your interior is completely clean & sanitised. Our process is thorough, non invasive and professional.


  • Interior blown out and vacuumed,
  • All trims and surfaces thoroughly cleansed and sanitised
  • Carpets, mats & fabrics extracted
  • Spare wheel and wheel well cleaned
  • Full thorough interior steam clean and treated
  • Odour neutralize
  • Treat all trims
  • Clean windows
  • Final Inspection

From $190*

Package 4


The Perfect Pre Sale Detail.

Looking to sell your vehicle? Want to present it in its best possible way to increase your return? Or have you purchased a vehicle and want to make it your own.

This package looks to enhance not only the exterior but the interior as well.

Your exterior receiving a full decontamination wash and clay to cleanse the paint and restore gloss of your paint work paint work is then sealed with a Gtechniq Liquid Crystal. All exterior plastics, trims and tires are sealed and dressed also. Interior getting a deep cleanse to sanitise and neutralise odours. All plastics, vinyl, leather treated and extraction extraction of all carpets . Windows cleaned inside and out.


  • Safe 3 bucket wash method + snow foam, cleansing all exterior surfaces including wheels and inner barrels
  • Decontamination processes both claying and fallout removed before being snow foamed and rinsed once more
  • Hand and air assisted drying with microfibre towels and blown air
  • 6 month Gtechniq Liquid Crystal SI02 protective sealant applied to all exterior surfaces, offering temporary protection to paintwork, glass and plastics
  • Exterior plastic trims and tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Interior blown out and vacuumed,
  • Full thorough interior steam clean, extraction and surfaces cleaned and treated
  • Odour neutralised
  • Final Inspection

From $290*


Package 5


The perfect Full Detail.

This is a high quality detail with all the same great services as Reset plus paint enhancement polish to revive your painted surfaces to to enhance gloss.

 Add protection with our quality Ceramic Coatings

 From $490*

Package 6


Out expertise in paint finishes have been our signature for sometime.

With our paint correction process we produce a very high quality result through our inspection, multi stage sanding, denibbing, compound and polishing processes. We can and provide quality finishing for the autobody industry and can work on all vehicles and paint types.


We have a purpose built 40 light correction and coating room that is a controlled environment to give the best results available anywhere in the industry.

Each vehicle is carefully inspected and quoted on to give you the best possible outcome.


 From $690*

Package 7


This package is tailor made for lovers of 2 wheels. This is a unique bespoke package starting from a Mini Detail right up to Paint Correction, Restorative Detailing & Protection.

We can even install Paint Protection Film on all your high wear areas.


Choose the level you want and have it done professionally.



Package 8


This package is tailor made for the 4x4 enthusiast. We closely assess your rig to see how best to restore its finish both inside and out and protect it whether it be Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings or both.

This package takes care of the small things like coating all your spotlights, grills & trims to make it easier to maintain from bugs, dirt and mud.



Package 9





We care for some of the fastest vehicles in Australia. We are motor racing enthusiasts and know what it takes to care and enhance such horsepower. We can lift the appeal of your team brand through our paint correction and detailing processes. We also provide hydrophobic protection for ease of maintenance and to help keep then looking sharp on the track.

Key benefits of Race package is
– Enhanced presence with your vehicle looking it best
– Hydrophobic coating to help maintain when on track
– We can come to you or we can have come to us.                          – Tax deductible
– 25 years experience
– Gtechniq accredited installers


Package 10


Take your vehicle back to its former glory with our tailor made package for classic vehicles.


We have extensive knowledge in Vintage, Classic, Chrome Bumper, Muscle, Prestige & Concours. we know these vehicles intimately and can release new life to your grand possession once again.



Package 11





Looking to Rival your competition at your next Concours, Show n’ Shine competition. We can give you the competitors edge and have assisted many of our current clients to 1st place with our show prep detailing. We understand the judging and scrutineering process and can help you navigate to the top.



Package 12


Revere The Ultimate Package –

Stand back and have reverence. This is the most requested  package we provide. We are famous for our restorative detailing. This option has no limits and is truly a transformation beyond your imagination. We inspect and carefully plan with you and address all your concerns to create a masterpiece of detailing and precision. After we have achieved the areas of concern we coat all surfaces with the most advanced and highest quality coatings, waxes or sealants on the market to preserve your icon.

We teach you the mastery of our maintenance regime and continue our on going support for your precious investment.

This detail has no boundaries. We listen to you, tailor a precise and perfect detail that strives to perfection to correct, repair, enhance and protect your pride and joy.

Whether you are needing areas repainted, touch ups, window tinting, PPF, bodywork adjustments or cosmetic enhancements, we have a wide network of high standard, highly skilled automotive services that we collaborate with bringing you the complete restorative detailing experience without having to worry about needing to go to many different businesses or locations. We are a one stop shop and can coordinate this for you and manage the job requirements leaving you with a perfected vehicle with all the boxes ticked.

Once we have completed the job specifics we carry out a full decontamination wash of the exterior, clay bar your paint and windows along with fallout removal ensuring we are working with a perfectly clean surface before any works are carried out.

Perfecting the paint surface is our specialty, inch by inch with multiple cutting and refinement stages to get that perfected paint work we will push to get every last drop of gloss and clarity we can.

Working with the latest technology ensuring we are working within the safe limits if what the surface allows, whether that is paint, plastics or leathers we make sure we are careful and mindful of all dangers that may arise before they become an issue.

We can even go as far as texture reduction of orange peel this will boost the gloss levels, reflection, and the distortion in the surface of the paint work. This is a time consuming and slow process of wet sanding and then a full correction service following. If you want texture removed or reduced we can look after that also.